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The 5 supplements every man should take

Supplements are a growth area. In a few years time, the industry is predicted to top £30 billlion in revenue. And with money, as ever, comes mischief. The science behind many supps is often inconclusive and constantly in flux. Recommendations about what to take – and when, and how much – can be hard to trust.

That said, there are a handful of superstar supps with enough peer-reviewed science attesting to their benefits to fill several filing cabinets. Reliable sources  identifies 5 bottles every man should have in his drawer.

Vitamin D

It’s uniquely difficult to get your fill of this vital micronutrient without supplementation. To produce it naturally your body relies on exposure to sunlight (often impossible in some countries), while food sources are limited to oily fish and eggs. Unless you live in the tropics and waltz around with your shirt off, you’re likely to be deficient, which makes you more at risk of every malady from depression to various cancers to heart attacks. Most Nigerians also sits in the office from AM to PM hence making it difficult to get the required exposure.
Recommended daily dose 2,000iu

Vitamin K

Let’s face it: it’s a rare man who relishes attacking a plateful of kale. Which is why very few people get an optimal dose of Vitamin K, present in high levels only in dark green vegetables, matcha tea and natto (fermented soybeans). Supplementation will help reduce the stiffness of your arteries, protecting you against heart disease, and improve bone density and health.
Recommended daily dose 1,000mcg


Zinc is lost in sweat, so men who regularly exercise are particularly likely to benefit from a top up, and magnesium is the second most common mineral deficiency in men (behind Vitamin D). Both help to optimise your body’s biological processes. ZMA blends the two together along with aspartate and Vitamin B6. It’s a simple way to ensure your body has everything it needs to cope with the damage wrought by your workouts.
Recommended daily dose 15 mg zinc (though you can double this if training hard); 200 mg magnesium


Creatine is one of the most well studied supplements in the world, famous for increasing strength and endurance in the gym. Put simply, it provides your cells with extra energy and may even improve mental well-being and metabolic health alongside boosting exercise performance. Despite media scaremongering, it’s is a very safe supplement with no side effects that even your mum should take.
Recommended daily dose 5g

Fish Oil

Unless you are eating fatty fish a few times a week, you likely aren’t getting enough EPA or DHA (the main fatty acids in fish oil) and are missing out on numerous mental and metabolic health benefits. Supplementing will lower anxiety, improve mood and help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure if your levels are high.
Recommended daily dose 1-2g


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