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Nafdac Reg No. A7-0444L

With over 5000 years history, 7000 herbs, Chinese traditional medicine is known worldwide. Reishi is the bright pearl among TCM herbs. Reishi means "herbs of spiritual potency". It has been used for more than 4000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is believed to be the oldest and one of the most respected medicinal mushrooms today.

There are 62 different varieties of Reishi mushroom. The six most common types of Reishi are the red, black, white, purple, yellow, and blue reishi. Red reishi used in our formula is the highest quality and the most studied of Reishi Varieties.
Reishi supports your body's own natural immune system by promoting the activity of your antibodies and natural killer cells. They also destroy damaged or compromised cells that occur naturally within the body as part of the cellular regeneration process.

Main Ingredients: Chinese Caterpillar Fungus Fermented Mycelium Powder Lucid
Ganoderma(Reishi) Powder
Royal-Jelly Freezing-Dry Powder

Anti HIV, allergies and inflammation;
Protect cardiovascular system;
Stabilizes blood pressure;
Reduce high triglycerides;
Release fatigue and weakness;
Protects liver;
Maintains and restore immune function.

Nephritis(Inflammation of kidney);
Poor immune system;
HIV support;
Malignant cancer;
Anti-Toxin (detoxifier)


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